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Back To Nature B*F*S* (II)
Back To Nature B*F*S* (II)

Product Model: BFS II

Product Description:

Back To Nature B*F*S* (II) is a new improvement on an old favorite. BTN Fast Stripper (II) is the first cost effective, fast acting, “safe stripper” on the market. Back To Nature B*F*S* (II)™ shatters the notion that safe strippers must be slow working and costly per gallon. This environmentally friendly, biodegradable stripper contains no methylene chloride or caustic and can remove several layers quickly and cost effectively. Compared to other faster acting removers, it contains no methanol, toluene, acetone, or MEK and is non-flammable and non-combustible. Back To Nature B*F*S* (II)™ can be cleaned up with water and requires no neutralization. It works on a multitude of substrates and truly clings to vertical surfaces.