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Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD
Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD

Product Model: IAQ 6000HD

Product Description:
Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD is a high-build, mold-resistant coating designed to help prevent mold growth from occurring in new building construction. Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD is designed for use on building materials including gypsum wallboard, oriented strand board (OSB), wood framing timbers, plywood, and any other surface where a flexible high-build mold-resistant coating is necessary. Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD contains dual EPA-registered, broad-spectrum fungicides to provide maximum protection against mold growth on the coating film.

Fiberlock IAQ 6000HD is an extremely durable 100% acrylic sealant, developed to withstand moist humid conditions that provide the ideal environment for fungal growth. IAQ 6000HD offers the ultimate in durability in combination with excellent fungal resistance.