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Fiberlock L-B-C
Fiberlock L-B-C

Product Model: L-B-C

Product Description:

L-B-C is a high-solids, elastomeric-thermoplastic, water-based copolymer that meets or exceeds all projected federal, state and local standards for lead-based paint encapsulants. Blended specifically to form a durable and flexible encapsulant barrier between lead-based pain and the environment, L-B-C has been independently tested to the ASTM E-1795 requirements for Category III (Type III- Interior/Exterior) encapsulants. E-1795 is the principle performance standard required, adopted and/or incorporated by reference into lead paint abatement rules and regulations at the federal, state and local levels.

L-B-C has been certified by Massachusetts (No. DL-12362), authorized by the states of Connecticut, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Minnesota, and Colorado. L-B-C is accepted for use in all 50 states. L-B-C has also been classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL®). L-B-C is environmentally friendly and complies with all federal and state VOC requirements. L-B-C contains Bitrex®, a bitter tasting, non toxic, anti-ingestant to discourage oral contact with lead paint. The required minimum 7 mil dry film thickness of L-B-C offers unparalleled interior and exterior coverage and economics. In addition, the lower film thickness reduces stress on the existing paint system and maintains architectural detail.

L-B-C can be successfully applied to the proper thickness in one application with most major brands or airless spray equipment. L-B-C can also be applied by brush or roller. L-B-C Type III can be used for application with surface temperatures as low as 38 °F.