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Protimeter Hygromaster
Protimeter Hygromaster

Product Model: BLD7700

Product Description:
Protimeter Hygromaster.

This unique instrument can be used for spot measurements of humidity and temperature and as a data logger for monitoring humidity and temperature trends. It is a versatile tool ideally suited for practitioners involved in the following industries.

  • Disaster restoration
  • Building surveying / home inspection
  • Dampness diagnosis in buildings
  • Flooring installation
  • Specialist coatings application

Hygromaster functions and features
The measurements that can be displayed on the Hygromaster are:
  • Relative humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Dew point temperature
  • Mixing ratio / absolute humidity
  • Surface temperature
  • Surface and dew point temperature difference

Relative humidity and air temperature values are displayed simultaneously when switching the Hygromaster on. Dew point and mixing ratio/absolute humidity are displayed at the touch of a button. An optional surface temperature probe is required to display surface temperature and temperature difference measurements.

Humidity probe options
The Hygromaster may be used with two styles of interchangeable humidity probe, the Hygrostick and the Humistick. The smaller Hygrostick has a measurement range of 30 100%rh. The Humistick measurement range is 0 100%rh.