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Twin-Chemicals A-G-R
Twin-Chemicals A-G-R

Product Model: A-G-R

Product Description:

Twin Chem AGR is a unique product designed to remove most carpet adhesives and glues as well as most linoleum adhesives. Twin Chem AGR will also remove black asphaltic cut back. Twin Chem AGR is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


Read and understand material safety data sheet when using this product. Use full strength. Do not dilute. Apply manually or with garden sprayer to small areas. Once adhesive/glue has been cut, take up material as quickly as possible to prevent excessive penetration into the substrate. Allow as much time as necessary to let Twin Chem AGR penetrate and soften the adhesive/glue, usually within one hour, longer soak time may be needed to remove some adhesives/glues, sometimes in excess of 2 to 3 hours. Work in Twin Chem AGR using a stiff bristle broom, floor buffer, or other type of scrubbing equipment. A variety of methods may be used to take up the liquefied adhesives/glues, such as an Auto Scrubber or using a stiff bristled broom, squeegee and/or wet vacuum. Use of scrapers may be required to scrape adhesive from the substrate. Once the slurry has been cleaned up, aggressively clean the surface with water and detergent (slab cleaner). All liquefied materials should be disposed of properly. Be sure to not allow the Twin Chem AGR, or the slurry generated, to come into contact with any areas which may absorb the liquids such as sheetrock, woodwork, etc. or drains. Cover and dike these areas. Twin Chem AGR and all slurry should be cleaned up and the surface should be dry before polishing, grinding or staining. Ample time should be allowed before applying mastics or adhesives to insure that all volatiles have evaporated.